Todd was born on November 9, 1970 in Kettering, Ohio to Pat and Doug Sherman. The family moved to St. Louis, Missouri, where his first of three brothers, Tyler Sherman, was born. In 1976, the family of four moved to Colorado, where Todd called home ever since. At a very young age, it was evident that Todd was both a naturally gifted athlete and possessed a brilliantly analytical mind. Even though he was innately better than everyone at sports or mathematics without having to try, Todd always wanted to be the absolute best. Whether he was running the perfect route or learning advanced multivariable calculus, Todd took a systematic, step by step approach to achieving each goal. Throughout his childhood, Todd played football, baseball, basketball, track and golf. In fourth grade, he ranked in the nation’s Top 10 in competitive BMX racing. He played football for Overland High School, earning All-State honors, and continued playing at Miami of Ohio University, where his father played football as well. Todd returned to his roots and graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a major in Information Systems – a natural for his logical mind and his love of numbers. He immediately went on to earn his MBA from the University of Colorado at Denver to learn how to apply his deep engineering knowledge to the business world. His desire for continual learning and his passion for improving himself extended into his adult life. Todd was always reading the next business book, attending the newest software programming class, and meeting with his Vistage Executive Group in order to learn how to become a better business leader. In addition to excelling at every endeavor, Todd was always looking for ways to help others around him improve and continually pushed others to do their best as well. Todd’s work ethic and genius intellect was matched only by his hilarious sense of humor and his infectious smile. Todd’s genuine, positive energy and senseless generosity made a lasting impact on countless friends, colleagues, and even individuals he met only briefly.


From the moment Todd met Traci, he knew it was a perfect match. Although Todd was somewhat shy, he managed to ask her out – with some encouragement from his brother, Tyler – and ever since then, they were inseparable. They were married in Denver on June 13, 1998. Todd and Traci complemented and challenged each other and flourished as a couple. They had a powerful inuence on one another throughout their marriage. Todd and Traci became parents for the first time in July 1999 with the birth of their first son, Ryland. Like everything else, Todd was a naturally great father and did this with a passion. His second son, Reece, was born in 2000. Todd’s enthusiasm for being a father grew even more. His daughter, Kendall, was born in 2004 and had him wrapped around her finger from the beginning. Todd’s passion for sports and education, along with his sense of humor and creativity, emanates from each of his children in their own unique ways. Being just another good family wasn’t an option. Todd made sure the Sherman Crew was exceptional and helped them become the epitome of what families strive for. Todd, Traci and the kids are involved in a multitude of sports, community events and philanthropic activities – always as a team. They sponsor families every Christmas. They volunteer at Brent’s Place together to help other families in need. They shuttle around the city, state and country to support each others’ sports teams. Todd also made an extra effort to spend one-on-one time with his kids and Traci, encouraging and fostering each of their passions as individuals and helping them turn their dreams into realities. Todd even revolutionized the family vacation by having each kid take a one-on-one trip with every family member. He gave them each a budget and the responsibility to pick a destination, research local activities and plan an entire itinerary. In true Todd fashion, he turned a simple vacation into a learning experience for his kids – one of many lessons they will carry with them always. To Todd, “work/life balance” was not just an elusive aspiration. He balanced family, friendships, work and fun with the perfection and passion that he applied to all things in his life – and no part was ever left out


Todd was the oldest of four brothers. He had an undeniable influence on Tyler, Zach and Ben’s lives from the time each of them was born – as a role model, mentor, best friend, business partner, father figure and confidant. Through leading by example and pushing his brothers to improve, Todd played an integral role in shaping who his brothers have become today. Todd would wake Tyler up at 5:00am to jog to school in the snow with their backpacks on to throw a football for an hour before classes started. He would make Tyler, Ben and Zach run intricate basketball drills late into the night, even when Ben was just three years old. Todd’s influence extended well beyond sports; his enormous heart and genuine kindness inspired his brothers to become better people. Todd had the same brotherly influence on his friends, in-laws and cousins. In addition, he had the same fatherly influence on his nieces and nephews. Todd was always there for everyone to give advice, support, or just to have a good time. He could be the only grown-up in the group as well as the goofiest of them all. To his father, Doug, Todd was the realization that a person could embody all of the traits that he wanted his sons to have. To his stepfather, Alan, Todd was the son who helped him become a better father. Their relationship grew into a strong friendship. To his parents-in-law, Todd was the kind of man they hoped their daughter would marry. In true Todd spirit, he proved to be better than they had ever hoped. To his mother, Pat, Todd was a son to be proud of – an individual, a loyal brother and son, and a devoted husband and father who ultimately became the keystone of the entire family.


Todd and Tyler’s upbringing was certainly unique. Their father, Doug Sherman, was a tireless entrepreneur and instilled this spirit in his two sons. Todd and Tyler started their own businesses when they were young: they ran newspaper routes,fixed hoses and lawnmowers, and built their first financially successful enterprise painting addresses on curbs. Once they caught the entrepreneurial bug, they never looked back. After college, the Shermans launched a mortgage banking company – Watermark Financial Partners. What began with three computers and a dream in Doug’s basement grew to become one of the most successful mortgage companies of its time. Todd’s technology streamlined the mortgage lending process and helped grow a company that ended up changing the lives of nearly 200 employees they called family. The Shermans ultimately sold Watermark in 2004, at which time Doug retired. Seeing their dad’s hard work finally pay of inspired Todd and Tyler to write their own chapter. Because of the positive impact that Todd’s technology had on Watermark, they felt they could use innovation to make a greater impact on the entire mortgage industry. Thus, Motivity Solutions was born in 2006. Todd and Tyler’s vision – to revolutionize the mortgage industry – has become a reality. Motivity is now the leading Business Intelligence software provider to the industry, and its hundreds of customers are improving the lives of millions of homeowners across the country. In typical Todd fashion, he wanted the Sherman legacy to be even bigger and have a positive impact on society. In honor of Todd, the Sherman Entrepreneurship Foundation has been created to foster the next generation of entrepreneurs, who will pay it forward and attempt to make the world a better place. Todd’s family, friends and colleagues have already come together to help carry the torch lit by Todd’s extraordinary spirit. Todd’s legacy will live forever.


In honor of Todd Sherman, the Sherman Entrepreneurship Foundation has been created. The foundation is dedicated to fostering the next generation of entrepreneurs. Please make a contribution to the foundation in honor of his legacy. On behalf of the entire Sherman Family, thank you for all of the well wishes and love you have shown.